7 Guidelines For Choosing Ideal Discus Tank Mates

When choosing your discus tank mates, you must remember that your discus in the main fish in your planted tank, especially since discus is a timid fish. Here are … [Continue Reading]

Telaga Tenteram Discus

The Ideal Discus Tank Mates

Here are a few of my discus tank mates that I keep in my discus planted tank: Cobalt blue goby (Stiphodon semoni) Albino cory cats (Corydoras aeneus … [Continue Reading]

Cobalt Blue Goby

Compatible Aquatic Plants For Discus Planted Tank

It's true that not many aquatic plants can withstand the warmer water temperature that discus requires. In fact, 27 - 30 C (81 - 86 F) is quite warm for most aquatic … [Continue Reading]

Telaga Tenteram Discus

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